How HPC (High Performance Computing) can accelerate business growth

By andy

In the cut throat world of business, accelerated growth can mean the difference between success and failure. Start-up directors need to come up with innovative ways to keep ahead of competitors and attract the required levels of investment.

Many successful start-ups, tech businesses and large organisations are turning to advanced technology to maintain their competitive advantage through accelerated R&D. Harnessing the power of HPC (High Performance Computing) is one of the most innovative ways that businesses can succeed!

What is HPC?

High performance computing (aka supercomputing) solves extremely complex or data intensive problems by concentrating the highly efficient processing power of multiple, parallel computers.  

It involves a system working at its maximum potential performance, typically measured in Petaflops (one thousand million million (1015operations or calculations per second). HPC enables problem solving and data analysis that would simply be impossible, too time-consuming or costly with standard computers or mainframes.

Why do successful start-ups use HPC?

As start-ups develop a new product and bring it to market they will face many different challenges that have to be met quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fast moving tech advancements means that businesses need a strategy to stay agile and ahead of competitors.

Successful research and development vital to the success of a business, but most businesses do not do it effectively, or do it too slowly to keep ahead.

Once the R & D is taken care of, the product has to be validated before being brought to market. After any product is brought to market the future vision of the company needs to be formed based on accurate trend analysis.

Successful start-ups use HPC to combat these challenges by having the ability to analyse vast data fastand ability to handle product data at scale. HPC provides exponentially fast insights through complex simulations and visulisations of research data.

There is also the option to host a complex digital twin of a product that can be put through various different stresses and tests.

We can help your business transform its innovation landscape, using the speed of supercomputers and state of the art analysis and visualisation facilities to take research away from conventional R&D workflows and do it more cheaply and efficiently in-silico instead.

How to start using HPC

HPC is intimidating for people that are unfamiliar with the technology. This is why you should hire an expert consultant who can ensure you harness the potential and use it effectively and efficiently. Without the strategic support of an expert HPC can become a burden and financial risk.  

HypeAccelerator Solutions provides access to the EU’s largest cluster of HPC systems on a pay-as-you-go basis (Platform as a Service). We enable you to access the supercomputing power and hyperscale storage you need, when you need it. Platforms include Intel Xeon Phi, IBM Power 9, Nvidia GPU, Cray XC40 and ARM 64-bit accelerated processing.

How HypeAccelerator can work with you

We work with clients as expert advisor or as a technology partner in a funded research project to create value by accelerating their R&D, improving processes and reducing costs. Whether you need short term access to leading-edge tools or a long-term collaboration partner to help drive innovation in your business, engaging with us is easy.

We can work collaboratively with you to create value by speeding up your innovation, research and development, improving processes and reducing costs. We can also identify technology solutions that could help your organisation to take positive action to achieve your project objectives.

Depending on the technology readiness level of your product, service or project, you would benefit from either our research and innovation or development and deployment offerings.

Proof of Technology

In proof of technology projects we work with inventors to and early adopters of technology to demonstrate the application of modelling, data science or cognitive computing to create technical innovations through rapid simulations and visulisations.

Collaborative R&D

In collaborative R&D projects we work with clients to create value by accelerating R&D, improving processes, and reducing costs, and to identify measures to support sustainability objectives through deployment of HPC.  

How it works

You define the outcome you need to solve your research challenge and then we build a tailored project and team to deliver this, using our HPC capabilities, talented experts, and our trusted network of partners.

Depending on the type of challenge or project you would like to work with us on, you can access our facilities on a commercial basis, or in some cases there may be opportunities to access other funding sources directly through UK and EU Research Councils.​