What we do

We use Accelerated, Disruptive Thinking across five core technology disciplines, to create innovative ideas and solutions

High Performance Computing

Advising Governments, Global Research Organisations, Academia and Fintech on enterprise HPC, HPC in the Cloud, Exascale capabilities and architecture, future technologies, networks and storage.

Artificial Intelligence

Helping businesses and governments prepare for the rise of AI in regulation, research, cyber-safety, governance and security.

Advising on deployment of AI, ML & DL tools and frameworks to help clients become more effective in leveraging data and analytics to power their key business and operational use cases.

Data Science

  • Big Data benchmarking;
  • data visualisation;
  • data integration;
  • data modelling,
  • design & optimization;
  • graph analytics;
  • spatial data;
  • statistics,
  • machine learning, & predictive analytics;
  • time series & streaming data

Helping businesses build and execute effective, holistic data and analytics strategies

Trend Mapping

Predicting future trends and behaviours – from the epic to the everyday – allows for proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. Our projects are designed around your specific requirements.  We’ll help you identify future technology change drivers, exploring risks and opportunities impacting tomorrow’s people, business and society. In a collaborative process, we develop actionable future roadmaps.

Transformation & Change

Implementing IoT, Cognitive Computing, Data Strategies and trend mapping as powerful catalysts for change in the enterprise eco-system.

Consider – the evolution of society and technology and its impact on our behaviours, expectations and customs.

Process & Approach


Researching, investigating, applying fresh perspectives and better strategic thinking.


Think BIG! Transferring strategic thinking and data into specific corporate visions and projects. Informed by the human eco-system and future trends.


Developing insights, innovation and trends into achievable business solutions, articulated through powerful ideas, plainly speaking.


Successfully implementation of projects and programmes that incorporate.


Maximising technology and data potentials through regular analyses, testing and evaluation.

About HypeAccelerator Solutions

Founder Andy Forrester began his career in the British Army, before transforming as a technologist in the oil and gas industry.  In 2007, Andy established HypeAccelerator Solutions and in 2012, HypeAccelerator opened its UK headquarters in Brighton, evolving expertise over the last decade in helping companies with their future technology and innovation strategies.

HypeAccelerator Now

Over the years, the team at HypeAccelerator have developed a set of proven tools and approaches to successfully navigate the future and capitalise on technology change. Today, we are a multi-disciplinary technology and innovation consultancy with a diverse network of subject matter experts led by Andy Forrester.


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